Live Marketing Q&A Events 2018

"What can I do to get marketing results fast?" "How am I going to reach my target market?" "I want to raise the profile of my brand, but where do I even begin?"

Which MARKETING QUESTION keeps you up at night? 

Join us and we will answer it. So you can keep growing your business ...and sleep better.  

Live Marketing Q&A Events

Get expert advice to YOUR most pressing marketing question! Live Event. No theory. Only practical and hands on advice. 

For business owners and CEOs of Swiss-based SMEs, in B2B and B2C.  

Ioana Hardy Marketing growth expert, Award-winning marketer, Founder of Fast Forward Marketing, Co-founder of Marketing Q&A 

Ekaterina Filippova, founder of eKat Communication, speaker & trainer

Ekaterina Filippova Online visibility expert for SME's, Board member of Geneva Communicators Network, Founder of eKat Communication, Co-founder of Marketing Q&A

What is Live Marketing Q&A ?  

3 hours

3 questions

13 entrepreneurs

1 goal

There is enough information about marketing on the internet, in fact, too much of it! Having more information will not help your business grow … 

What will actually help is specific answers to your very specific marketing questions and the clarity on what to do next, step by step. We have created the live 'Marketing Q&A' workshop with this in mind.  

''I participated in one of Ioana's & Kat's events for the first time and got a really good surprise.

I like the concept of analysing a limited amount of questions and going deeper into the answers.

 I got my chance and could benefit from a participative and truly professional analysis of a use case and went back home with some answers, a starting track for my marketing and a lot of positive energy. 

Will surely come back!''  

Olivier Gisiger, Photographer, Olivier Gisiger Photographies

''I was amazed by the detail that you went into on the questions. 

Thank you for taking the time to look so closely at what I could be doing better.  

I thought your event was excellent. 

I would certainly be interested to attend again once I've implemented some of your ideas over this winter''  

Dave Burrows, Owner, Snow Pros Ski School

''Thank you so much for a wonderful event last night: 

useful content, great atmosphere and lovely company. 

I am already getting my colleagues mentally ready for the next steps.'' 

Tatiana Matveeva, Observer, Talent Development Consultant, Performant Group SA

2018 Event Calendar

Last event of 2018 - SOLD OUT Waiting list is now open for 2019 events

October 10, Wednesday  

Hotel Continental, LAUSANNE

17h30 - 20h30

October 30, Tuesday  

Tiffany Hotel, GENEVA

17h30 - 20h30

November 21, Wednesday  

Hotel Continental, LAUSANNE  

17h30 - 20h30


17:30 Sharp start (please come a few minutes before) 17:30 - 17:50 Introduction 17:50 - 18:30 First question answered 18:30 - 19:10 Second question answered 19:10 - 19:50 Third question answered 19:50 - 20:00 Wrap up  

You are welcome to stay longer for networking and exchange of ideas.

Who is this for?

  • You are a Business owner, CEO or just interested in growing your business through marketing
  • Small and medium size business, 1 - 20 team 
  • Already operating for at least 2 years 
  • You already have a product or service that can be marketed
  • B2B and B2C
  • You need clarity on a marketing question 

Why would you attend?

  • Save time by tapping into instant expert advice (with 30+ years of shared experience) instead of spending endless hours on articles, books and webinars trying to figure it out on your own. 
  • Get clarity on what you need to do next to grow your business by having YOUR very specific marketing question answered - for your business, your industry, your context, your situation. 
  • Gain confidence in your own business action by leveraging the experience and knowledge of the entrepreneurial community in the room.
  • Learn about new marketing tactics or ideas that can help you grow your business. 
  • Have fun and meet new like-minded people!

Examples of questions to inspire you

  • How can we successfully compete with the 'big guys' if we don't have a huge marketing budget? 
  • I've been using Facebook Ads to try to sell my services but it's just not working. What do I need to do differently to get better results?
  • We want to attract more clients. How do we choose which online platforms to focus on for more impact?  
  • How can I set myself apart from my competitors and not have to compete on price?  
  • My potential clients work in large multinationals. How can I introduce my services to these companies?

How does it work?


 if you ask a question or come as an observer. 

If you do not have a question but you want to participate, you can do that as an OBSERVER.  

Observers will learn from the knowledge shared by the experts and participate in the group discussions. 


 to one of the events scheduled for 2018. 

As you register, you will be able to chose an 'Observer Ticket' , 'Question Ticket' or 'VIP Ticket'

We apply the ‘first come, first served’ principle.  

Questions need to be sent latest 48h before the event.  


to the event to have your question answered or, if you are an observer, to learn things that you can implement in your own marketing. Each event lasts 3 hours and it is highly facilitated. It is a combination of learning directly from the experts and leveraging the exerience of all participants.  

You will leave with clear action points and ideas you can follow up on.  

Note: If we receive more than 3 questions per event, we will organise an additional session. If this will be your case, we will contact you separately. 

''Everybody took out some especially 

interesting thoughts for themselves and you two did a fantastic job.

Thank you for organising the event and for pouring your heart into it!''

Dave Hertig, Participant, Europe's top trainer for highly ambitious content marketers  

About the Experts & Founders of Marketing Q&A

Ioana Hardy

Marketing growth expert, Award-winning marketer, Founder of Fast Forward Marketing, Co-founder of Marketing Q&A 

Ioana is a Marketing & Brand Strategist, with 20 years of marketing under her belt. 

She has climbed the corporate ladder to global marketing positions working with brands within LG Electronics, Orkla Foods and Nestlé. 

She then took the entrepreneurial plunge and set up her own business, Fast Forward Marketing. She is the co-founders of the Marketing Q&A events. 

Through Fast Forward Marketing, Ioana is helping small businesses create geater differentiation, increase visibility and drive growth. 

She does that by training and coaching owners and CEOs of small businesses and helping them bring more structure, clarity and focus in their marketing efforts. 

They go from being overwhlmed to being confident and knowing what to do, when and in which sequence. 

''It's all about thinking strategically than just being reactive and running disconnected marketing tactics.''

Ioana is a member of Swiss Marketing Vaud, one of the TEDxLausanne team and a start-up Mentor in the Human Capital Project of Executives International. 

She is an active advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals, contributes to educational projects through and dreams to bring Michelle Obama to Switzerland. 

Ekaterina Filippova

Online visibility expert for SME's, Board member of Geneva Communicators Network, Founder of eKat Communication, Co-founder of Marketing Q&A

Ekaterina, founder of eKat Communication works with entrepreneurs in Switzerland who don’t know how to position themselves to get clients or how to increase their online visibility.  

Ekaterina Filippova (eKat Communication) online visibility expert, speaker & trainer on social media & communication
Ekaterina Filippova, dynamic online visibility expert for entrepreneurs in Switzerland

She helps small business owners improve their online visibility, which gets them clients, money and confidence to run their business effectively.

Ekaterina has over 10 years of communication experience, holds a Master degree in Media and Communication and is on the board of the Geneva Communicators Network, a not-for-profit organization for communication professionals in the Lake Geneva region.  

Before starting her own business, Ekaterina spent 8 years at a multinational company in a variety of European roles. She successfully launched a Corporate Social Responsibility programme and provided communication support to senior management.  

Ekaterina frequently trains small business owners on social media and communication to help them make a good living out of doing what they love.

Why waste time struggling to figure out things on your own?  

Sign up to one of the Marketing Q&A workshops 

and get your marketing qustions answered straight away. 

In 6 months' time you will be happy that you took the decision.  


Marketing Q&A event is a new and unique concept, available in Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich. Please contact us if you'd like to bring this event to your city or just to say hi!

For all Marketing Q&A related questions, please send us an email to:

Ioana Hardy

Ekaterina Filippova